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Searching the world wide web for "polio" or "post-polio" can result in hundreds and hundreds of hits. This section lists, describes, rates and links to selected sites. They are listed alphabetically within the ratings of excellent, very good and good. The category search tool narrows the list of sites of interest to eleven specific groups.  

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Polio

This information-rich website is a searchable portal identifying and summarizing humanitarian efforts and conferences for global polio eradication. Content includes current press releases, grant information, global photos and videos, addresses of key leaders in international assemblies, conferences and statistical-rich annual reports. © 1999-2012 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Breaking the Back of Polio (book excerpt)

From the Yale School of Medicine website is an excerpt, "Breaking the Back of Polio," from the David M. Oshinsky, PhD book, Polio: An American Story. The article highlights the work of physician and early polio science researcher, Dorothy Hortsmann, MD, whose work "would pave the way for both the Salk killed-virus polio vaccine and the Sabin live-virus polio vaccine."

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British Polio Fellowship

The British Polio Fellowship (BPF) is a national charity for people in the UK with polio and post-polio syndrome, providing service to 46 branches. It provides information, advocacy, welfare and support to enable people to live full independent and integrated lives.

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Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Travelers' Health Yellow Book

Fact Sheet for travelers includes information about globally-detected cases of poliomyelitis occurrences since 1999, vaccination recommendations for travelers to polio-endemic or epidemic areas as of 2009. These areas include Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Includes other CDC searchable links to destination points and related health information.

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Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Site offers a weekly updated fact sheet that documents cases of polio worldwide and includes a global map of polio cases, wild polio virus list, monthly situation reports, information and case breakdown by country. Partnership of World Health Organization, Rotary International, Centers for Disease Control, and UNICEF.

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Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives

The website describes the Sabin Archives established at the Cincinnati Medical Heritage Center (CMHC) with a grant from the John Hauck Foundation. Dr. Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine, donated his complete correspondence, laboratory materials, manuscripts, awards and medals to CMHC.

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International Ventilator Users Network - IVUN

International Ventilator Users Network, IVUN is an affiliate of Post-Polio Health International, PHI. The oranization's mission is "... to enhance the lives and independence of home ventilator users and polio survivors through education, advocacy, research and networking." Ventilator-Assisted Living, the bi-monthly newsletter of IVUN, is distributed electronically and is stored at www.ventnews.org. 

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Laboratory Containment of Wild Poliovirus in the United States

This site contains the accessible public information from the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the actual documentation from the Laboratory Containment of Wild Poliovirus in the United States project with final report, correspondence, medical publication literature search, documentation guidelines, survey packets, National Inventory of Wild Poliovirus Materials, and much more.

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Mayo Clinic

The web pages cover the disease of polio with easy-to-understand information that is clearly organized into the following topical selections: Introduction, Signs and Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, When to Seek Medical Attention, Screening and Diagnosis, Complications, Treatment, Prevention. User-friendly larger typeface option.© 1998-2015 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

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MedlinePlus is a service of the U.S. Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Information sites the following organizations with direct links to: World Health Organization, Polio Health International, American Academy of Family Physicians, Mayo Clinic, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, PubMed (NCBI), Global Polio Eradication Newsletter.

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