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2017 WE'RE STILL HERE! Photo Contest

Aging with Dignity! 

Aging is inevitable and well-earned. Aging with the late effects of polio is perplexing and challenges our inner resources. Aging grants wisdom and time for reminiscing.

What photo represents your acquired wisdom? What photo would best represent your approach to aging?

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Addressing fears

Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska

QUESTION: "We have a number of new members as a result of the publicity our group got through the WE'RE STILL HERE! campaign. Several of the people who called expressed their fears, which I think we all have. How can we help members address their fears in a meaningful way?”

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2016 WE'RE STILL HERE! Photo Contest

For WE'RE STILL HERE! Week, October 9-15, 2016, PHI asked of its Members - Send us a photo that illustrates polio survivors are active participants in family life. Have you taken your grandkids on a trip? Have you participated in their school activities? Do you contribute to your family life day to day in ways that may “surprise” others who do not have a disability?

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WE'RE STILL HERE! Show Me Accessibility! Photo Contest

For WE'RE STILL HERE! Week, October 11-17, 2015, PHI asked its Members - What activities do you now enjoy that were previously impossible to access? What places have you now visited that were previously inaccessible? Send us a photo that illustrates the ability to access the activity or location.

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