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Addressing fears

Nancy Baldwin Carter, Omaha, Nebraska

QUESTION: "We have a number of new members as a result of the publicity our group got through the WE'RE STILL HERE! campaign. Several of the people who called expressed their fears, which I think we all have. How can we help members address their fears in a meaningful way?”

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2016 WE'RE STILL HERE! Photo Contest

For WE'RE STILL HERE! Week, October 9-15, 2016, PHI asked of its Members - Send us a photo that illustrates polio survivors are active participants in family life. Have you taken your grandkids on a trip? Have you participated in their school activities? Do you contribute to your family life day to day in ways that may “surprise” others who do not have a disability?

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WE'RE STILL HERE! Show Me Accessibility! Photo Contest

For WE'RE STILL HERE! Week, October 11-17, 2015, PHI asked its Members - What activities do you now enjoy that were previously impossible to access? What places have you now visited that were previously inaccessible? Send us a photo that illustrates the ability to access the activity or location.

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