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Imperative to Fight Ableism

Karen Hagrup

I am disabled and proud. I have a doctorate and two daughters. I live in a nice condo with my partner. I’m retired and volunteer regularly in my community. People come to me for help. I rarely worry anymore about others’ attitudes toward my impairment; they’ve probably got it wrong anyway.

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Home Sweet Home?

Nancy Baldwin Carter, BA, M Ed Psych, Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association.

FACT: 90% of Americans polled said they definitely do not want to live in a nursing facility.

FACT: 80% of Americans polled want to continue living in their own homes until the end.

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WE'RE STILL HERE! Show Me Accessibility! Photo Contest

For WE'RE STILL HERE! Week, October 11-17, 2015, PHI asked its Members - What activities do you now enjoy that were previously impossible to access? What places have you now visited that were previously inaccessible? Send us a photo that illustrates the ability to access the activity or location.

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The Point of the ADA

From the series, Polio Survivors Ask, by Nancy Baldwin Carter, B.A, M.Ed.Psych, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association.

Q: I just remodeled my kitchen and found non-slip tile that is called “ADA tile.” The label helped me narrow the possibilities, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good use of “ADA.” What do you think?

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Past and Future

Grace Young

When I had polio at age 9, I was happy to have a wheelchair - any wheelchair - that would allow me the freedom to leave my bedroom. The only model available at that time was all wood with a cane back and wooden wheels. Undoubtedly it’s featured in the Smithsonian now. Large, heavy, clunky - forget taking it outside the house. It was a feat to even move it inside the house.

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Out to Sea - Accessible Cruising

I love to travel. No, I live to travel, and when I was mobile I did a lot of it, from camping here in the US to sightseeing in Europe.

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I think that reading a good book while reclining is one of the great pleasures in life. But having to hold the book can detract from the experience, especially if the book is hardcover. So how about listening to the book instead?

There are two ways to enjoy audio books inexpensively. You can drive to the library, search the shelves and hope you find what you want from their limited selection of audio books, then bring them home. Of course you have to drive back to return them two or three weeks later.

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Most people are very surprised at how much space is required install an ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliant ramp. A very strong helper can push a wheelchair up a ramp that is steeper than 1/12 (1 inch of height for every foot of length) which is the MINIMUM SLOPE allowed for a residence. Many power chairs are powerful enough to climb a ramp that is steeper than code. It is recommended that a ramp in a commercial building have a gentler slope of 1/20.

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