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Searching the world wide web for "polio" or "post-polio" can result in hundreds and hundreds of hits. This section lists, describes, rates and links to selected sites. They are listed alphabetically within the ratings of excellent, very good and good. The category search tool narrows the list of sites of interest to eleven specific groups.  

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Rotary International

Rotary International--A Global Network of Community Volunteers whose mission is stated, "The PolioPlus Division of The Rotary Foundation supports Rotarians' efforts to achieve Rotary International's and its Foundation's goal of the certification of the eradication of the wild poliovirus." Includes facts and figures, information on "End Polio Now" campaign, volunteer and fundraising information, a polio timeline and recent eradication articles. Copyright 2015 Rotary International.

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The Center for Universal Design (CUD)

The Center for Universal Design (CUD) is a national information center that provides technical assistance, and research to evaluate, develop, and promote accessible and universal design in housing, commercial and public facilities, outdoor environments and products.

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The End of Polio

From the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, The End of Polio website offers an internationally inclusive perspective on the global effects of polio. The site is a joint effort of UNICEF, WHO, Canadian International Development Agency, CDC, Rotary International, the governments of India, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Somalia, South East Asia.

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The Global Disability Rights Library

From the University of Iowa School of Library Information's WiderNet Project and the eGranary Digital Library (also known as "The Internet in a Box"), along with the United States International Council on Disabilities-- The Global Disability Rights Library provides digital teaching and educational resources to organizations and individuals in developing countries that seek to promote the rights of people with disabilities--but lack adequate Internet access.

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The History of Vaccines

From the College of Physicians of Philadelphia website is this this vaccine history that explores the role of immunization in the human experience and examines its continuing contribution to public health.

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The University of Pittsburg, Department of Rehabilitation and Technology

This disability assistance-oriented website provides information about commercial product sources for wheelchairs, scooters and related mobility topics. Many links to Community Living Resources include Accessibility in Public Spaces, Architectural Accessibility, ADA Technical Assistance Projects, Home Modifications, Funding and Low Income Resources, Parenting and Using a Wheelchair, Women with Disabilities (to name a few). Copyright © 1999/2006 University of Pittsburgh and the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology WheelchairNet.

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USAID From the American People

USAID From The American People (an agency created from the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act of 1961) provides hundreds of organized, searchable articles profiling the United States international global health and humanitarian assistance efforts at polio eradication.

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Whatever Happened to Polio?

Created to summarize the 2005-2006 exhibition at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History, this outstanding historical retrospective explores, "the American Epidemics, ""How Polio Changed Us," "The Virus and the Vaccine," and "Polio Today."  The historical timeline is embedded with many links and photos.

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World Health Organization

World Health Organization (WHO). This website offers fact sheets on poliomyelitis, the global eradication initiative, and information on what countries are currently still at risk for contracting polio. There are helpful direct links to various sites regarding the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. The web site is available in several languages, including  English, Arabic, Greek, French and Spanish.   © 2015 World Health Organization (WHO)

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Polio: Questions and Answers, Information about the Disease and Vaccines

A straightforward, public-interest fact sheet  (PDF file) from the Immunization Action Coalition of St. Paul MN, with technical content reviewed by Center for Disease Control (CDC), 2014.

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