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2016 WE'RE STILL HERE! Photo Contest

For WE'RE STILL HERE! Week, October 9-15, 2016, PHI asked of its Members - Send us a photo that illustrates polio survivors are active participants in family life. Have you taken your grandkids on a trip? Have you participated in their school activities? Do you contribute to your family life day to day in ways that may “surprise” others who do not have a disability?

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Making the Most of Time

William Stothers

It all depends on your disability, of course, but most of us probably pay out more money, and most likely more time and energy, to manage our daily routines than non-disabled people.

For example, even with health insurance, I shell out a steady flow of funds for wheelchair repairs, other orthopedic equipment and ventilator supplies.

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Why Should You Consider Seeing a PT? Choosing a PT.

One excellent reason for seeing a PT in the absence of declining physical function is to undergo a well-rounded baseline evaluation against which future problems might be measured.

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