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Bits and pieces of the history of poliomyelitis can be found in many places, such as academic institutions, state and private libraries, governmental facilities and the archives of nonprofits and professionals organizations. These facilities have been located and described in "Collections."

The PHI (Post-Polio Health International) Collection contains past publications dating as far back as 1955, including the Gazette, Polio Network News, IVUN News and Ventilator-Assisted Living, and various specialty publications. 

The New York Public Library

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The Watson Institute

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Thomas J. Boyd Museum

Open to the public since June 30, 2007, this exhibit is the final component in a five-year project in the Town of Wytheville Department of Museums’ Summer of Polio Initiative, which also included two public forums and an oral history project culminating in the 2005 publication of “A Summer Without Children.”

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University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is significant in polio history because it was here that Dr. Jonas Salk developed the Salk polio vaccine. Of special interest in the archives collections are recorded interviews with Dr. Salk, photos of the first inoculations and administrative papers on Dr. Salk’s hiring and departure.

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